Who We Are

We're Centralized Arts, started by four women who believe art is central to your core. Centralized Arts was established with the goal to create alongside each other and work together to explore our endless pool of creativity. Art is so much more than a pretty painting, it can be a part of your life. It's a reflection of who you are on the inside, a part of your core. We create artwork that we are proud of for those who value art as an integral part of their lives. We want our art to resonate with you and when it does, bring it home with you. 

Founded by Diene, Rochelle, and Ky-ana



  • Brenda B.

    "You really captured my mother's smile. My sister is going to love this, I can't wait to show her!"

  • Angelica D.

    "My heart! This is so amazing!"

  • Ellen G.

    "My grandson loves Kobe so much so this really going to make him smile."